2016 Showreel

Following the release of my showreel demonstrating some of the work I did in the year 2016, here is a more detailed look at the individual projects showcased in the reel as well as links to some of them. The intro and outro are designed to represent a FUI (Fictional User Interface), an are of motion … Continue reading 2016 Showreel


50 Years of Star Trek Interfaces

If you've read some of my previous posts you'll know that I love designing interfaces, and that this is very much a direction I want to go in more with my work. Aside from interfaces, I also love Star Trek. In fact, I think Star Trek is one of the things that first got me … Continue reading 50 Years of Star Trek Interfaces

2015 Showreel

What a busy year it has been, we're over halfway through 2016 and only just getting around to writing this. Here's a breakdown of the individual shots seen in the 2015 showreel, as well as links to the various projects and my corresponding blog posts if you would like to learn more about them. The reel … Continue reading 2015 Showreel


With this challenge I went from TV show intros to feature film. This is part of a plan to see if I can emulate some of my personal role-model, Andrew Kramer's work in a limited amount of time. Eventually I intend to tackle his Fringe intro. But for now, I decided to go with something … Continue reading 4 HOUR CHALLENGE – STAR TREK (2009) INTRO