I intend to do one of these 4 hour personal challenges every week. As the second one I decided to go for the 24 intro as it is quite interesting visually and I am a big fan of the series. I completed this in 2 hours and 20 minutes. While there is always room for … Continue reading 4 HOUR CHALLENGE – 24



Four months ago, as a university assignment, my team and I were tasked to source a band in London and produce a music video for them. We got in touch with a band called 'Entermienum' and started developing a video for their song 'Mary'. My main role on this project was Editor/VFX artist, but I … Continue reading Mary

4 Hour Challenge – Breaking Bad Intro

I decided to challenge myself to see what I can do in a set amount of hours, under time pressure. I gave myself 4 hours to recreate the opening from the TV series Breaking Bad completely from scratch. I also wagered on it with some friends; if I couldn't create something that resembled the intro in that time … Continue reading 4 Hour Challenge – Breaking Bad Intro