What a busy year it has been, we’re over halfway through 2016 and only just getting around to writing this. Here’s a breakdown of the individual shots seen in the 2015 showreel, as well as links to the various projects and my corresponding blog posts if you would like to learn more about them.

The reel is divided into 2 halves, showcasing Motion Design in the first half and VFX Compositing in the second.

Motion Design

  • 00:05 –  A loading screen for the 48 hour student project Dreaming an 8 Bit Homework Handin, showcasing the recreation of the classic 8 bit videogame style
  • .00:06 – A 3D model of a gimbal, designed to mimic the opening of the TV series Game of Thrones. This was created for the (as of yet unreleased) YouTube series Here Be Dragons by Elliot Paul Rees. Link coming soon.
  • 00:08 – Opening shot of the short film Aurora, depicting a communication satellite interface. These shots mainly showcase interface design, and you can find more information about their creation here.
  • 00:12 – Title of the (as yet unreleased) student horror short Deadwoods, showcasing title creation. 
  • 00:14 – A further shot of the satellite interface from Aurora.
  • 00:17 – Animated logo for the label Aevum Records, showcasing design and animation based on an existing company logo.
  • 00:19 – Introduction for a series of product videos created for the company Volumatic, further showcasing logo-based title design and animation. These product videos can be found here.
  • 00:23 – Title card from a trailer for a movie-themed tour by the Jazz Dance Company, created with Edwards Films. This card shows an example of theme-based title design and animation.
  • 00:25 – Another example of animating an existing logo, the opening of the music video for the song Amber (link coming soon) by Marco Caricola (Who also did the music for this showreel.) You can read more about Amber here.
  • 00:27 – Animation done for the documentary Brother’s Keeper – The Boko Haram Story by Rose Gold Group. This shot showcases the use of animation to convey factual geographical/historical data for a documentary.
  • 00:29 – Another shot from Aurorathis time showing the interface of a science fiction flight recorder.
  • 00:31 – Launch sequence animation of One Small Step – the Apollo 11 Mission Animatedshowcasing graphic design and animation based on historical data. You can read more about this project here.
  • 00:35 – Promotional video for Aevum Records’ Launch event in London, showcasing more varieties of title design and animation. You can read more about this promo here.
  • 00:38 – A further shot from Aurora, showcasing the interface of a repair drone. This shot is also featured in Laura Seears, the steadicam operator’s Showreel (for which Thomas Films also did the opening graphic.)
  • 00:40 – A continuation of the above-mentioned intro for Here Be Dragons, this time showcasing more of the animation and how it reflects the Game of Thrones intro.
  • 00:43 – Another shot of  One Small Step – the Apollo 11 Mission Animatedthis time showcasing character animation.
  • 00:46 – Part of the end credits sequence from Aurorashowcasing more interface design as well as a creative way of creating titles that fits the film’s narrative.

VFX Compositing

  • 00:55 – A shot from the student short film Enter Metanoiashowing the transition as it is revealed that (spoilers) one of the characters is actually a corpse, as well as breakdown of the corpse effect. You can read more about the various effects in this film here. Some of these effects in this film were already shown in the 2014 Showreel, but due to the spoiler this shot was left out as the film had not been released at that point.
  • 01:00 – A shot from the BV 30 Product Video made for Volumatic, showcasing the removal of an unwanted blue background as well as the integration of currency names into the shot.
  • 01:03 – A shot from the music video Don’t Save Itproduced for Aevum Records. This shot and its breakdown demonstrate the integration of an actress shot against green screen into the scene as a ghostly reflection. You can read more about the various effects in this music video here.
  • 01:06 – A breakdown of a scene from Aurorawhich was shot entirely on green screen, showcasing how the green screen footage was used and integrated with a 3D virtual environment as well as interface overlays.
  • 01:12 – A series of breakdowns of shots from the aforementioned student short Deadwoods, showcasing day to night transitions through colour correction and the addition of virtual lights.
  • 01:23 – A special shot of the moon created for Deadwoods to aid the film’s atmosphere, this breakdown shows how a moving nighttime image was created using stock images and daytime time-lapse footage.
  • 01:27 – A further shot from Don’t Save Itthis time showing the removal of unwanted branding.

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