2015 Showreel

What a busy year it has been, we're over halfway through 2016 and only just getting around to writing this. Here's a breakdown of the individual shots seen in the 2015 showreel, as well as links to the various projects and my corresponding blog posts if you would like to learn more about them. The reel … Continue reading 2015 Showreel


The Five Stages of Rotoscoping

Every time I do something that involves a lot of rotoscoping I find myself going through this process... Denial (Procrastination) - "What rotoscoping? I'm going to watch a film." Anger - "Whoever said 'let's fix it in post' should die!" Bargaining - "Maybe I don't need to roto this, maybe some fancy colouring will do the trick." … Continue reading The Five Stages of Rotoscoping